Let's make our crazy story!


I know this is crazy and so am I. You would have figured that out by now. I know too much has happened in the last couple of weeks, in our lives together and separately. With my fights and your moving away and our fights and the drama. Yes too much indeed. We are still trying to figure our way out of this crap hole we got stuck in. It will take time, but we will eventually get there. Believe me.

Okay, now listen to me. Just close your eyes for a second a try to remember the last one and a half years. Remember the time you got your bike and called me down and I came running hurriedly thinking something has happened and you took me on a ride! Or the time my salary came for real and I was home alone, and you rushed over, we went to Polar bear and had an ice-cream together. Or how about the time I came over with beer and we saw comedy shows at your place? Or the time we stood outside Anuja's office for 2 hours in the windy night to take her back home? These are just the first things that come to my mind. We have such great memories with each other and this place!

So you know what, we had a rocking time together, became the best of friends, let's give it a rocking break. Let's escape. It's two days. You and me, two best friends and Goa. For two days let's run away from our problems, my issues, your moving, our fights, the breakup, the awkwardness and all our problems. Let's go to Goa, go back to campus, you show me your life and I'll show you mine. Let's sit at Johns and talk about nothing at all. Let's go to Joets and sing our hearts out loud. Show me that favorite spot you keep talking about and I'll show you my Anjuna road.

Let's just escape, for once in our lives, be irresponsible and have an amazing vacation! Something to remember all our lives. A story to remember when you are old and sitting in Aurangabad reading your news apps. Something to remember all our lives. Those two days when we didn't think and just had fun! How many chances do we get to do something like this?

Believe me, it will be a lot of fun! And if it isn't I promise to bring you back home the very same day! But please don't think just do. I know it sounds like a movie, but doesn't Bollywood have the greatest stories? Life is already serious and it's just going to get more serious from here! There isn't going to be another time! Just this once, this one last time! I will be there at the airport with my bags, waiting for you. I hope to see you there!



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