My apps don't work here!

I have been in Shimla for almost a full week now. My phone that always has full bars, is barely able to catch one or two. And the internet here on my phone is non-existent and the wifi makes me feel like I am 10 years old again. Life here is such a contrast from Bangalore, where I have been living for about two years now. Bangalore is the hub of start-ups and technology. There is tech involved in every aspect of my life. From the time to I wake up to the time I am in my bed trying to fall asleep using my white noise app, there is some or the other app to help me out. If I were to count there would be at least a 100+ apps on my phone easily. And these aren't dormant apps that I use once in a while. These are apps that I use on a regular basis. Ohh how many times have I sat down to clean up my phone and get rid of the extra apps that are there for no reason at all. I can never seem to go down below a 100.

From going to the office to eating my meals, ordering groceries, managing expenses, news apps, fitness apps, entertainment apps and what not. My phone has been taken over by them, there is always an unread notification and my phone keeps buzzing all day long. And here in Shimla, silent. My phone has finally found peace. There are no notifications for the simple reason that half the time there isn't any internet, and the few occasions it manages to get connected, all the apps have nothing to do, they don't work in Shimla. It felt odd at the beginning, my phone in my pocket, so quiet, almost as if it was angry with me. But now I have come to like it. I am not hooked to my phone with every 'ting'. It is very nice to be away from all the constant ads, offers and crafted updates on friends lives, what with their new cat and all. It's nice to not to keep checking my phone. It's nice to talk to people when you are sitting with them rather than staring at our phones. It's a detox that I would recommend to everyone. Once in a while or when you are too overwhelmed with life, find a place with almost negligible cell service, go and chill there for a few days, believe me, it will be therapeutic.
Go find a place where your apps don't work!


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