My quarter life crisis

Well, I’m 24. Two heartbreaks, multiple fights with friends, a brush with depression, 3 psychologist sessions, a massive breach of my trust and so many bad decisions later I find myself on a flight back to Delhi. A flight back home. You must think this is going to be some teenage sob story or another version of the mean girls. God knows we have so many of them. It is not. Neither is it about overcoming hardships and difficulties in life. It’s about what happens before the great uprising of the person.
I am at the lowest point of my life. Like, kick me in the crotch spit on my neck low. Friends reference people. Right about now. It’s pitch dark everywhere and I have to figure my way out. There is nothing I am looking forward to. Okay well, there might be one, I’m looking forward to swimming at my house. But other than that there is nothing giving me any hope. Completely hopeless, friendless and loveless I’m flying back home to pick up my pieces and be whole again.
You know what? It’s not going to get any worse than this. This is the trough of the graph. There is nowhere but up now.
There is one thing about people in a situation like mine. We stop expecting. So I think anything will be good enough from now end.
Now I have some time on my hand. I’ll try to figure out who I am, without friends or my job. Just plain and simple me. Let’s see how that goes.

In the words of Hannah Gadsby, "There is nothing stronger than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself".


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