Incomplete Stories.

You know at every point in life we have to make decisions. We take decisions consciously or sub-consciously every single day. And even the smallest of these decisions can change our lives completely. Have you ever read those Goosebumps books as a child that has 20 different ending and you had to choose an option which would take you to a different ending every time?
Life right about now seems like that to me. All our decisions change the course of our life. I have come to understand it as the butterfly effect.
And in life, there are some significant decisions that we take, consciously, after a lot of deliberation. So whenever something bad happens and I get sad, I always go back to that very moment, that I know has brought me here. And I keep thinking what if I had gone the other way? What if I had chosen differently? Would I still be here?
I like to think that I would have been better off the other way. Life would have been easier, I would have been happier. That is just wishful thinking on my part. A question mark in my life, a crossroad that I like to visit from time to time. I think about what life could have been, and since its just in my head it always turns out better. The question marks and the what-ifs in life are not all bad, they could be the place you escape to for a little while.
These are the incomplete stories that we leave behind in life. Sort of like a half-filled canvas that you can paint as you desire. You can give any ending to that story. They are a gateway to a parallel universe where you control everything. Incomplete stories. 


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