What makes two people friends?

Well, I have been trying to think of what binds two people together as friends? Why do we make friends with some people and not with others? I have been struggling with the question that why do we make the friends that we do?

If I were to ask you point blank, why two people are friends you would probably say that they have common interests and they like the same thing. Which is true to some extent. But when you are three years old, all you know is your ABCDs, some shapes and all the colors of a rainbow. How then do you manage to make friends? They do not have any political inclinations, neither can they discuss the intricacies of Chandler Bing's job, or discuss the latest tech in the market. 

I have been trying to read up about it, find studies that indicate something, or articles that might provide me with a theory. To my surprise I couldn't find much about the psychology of friendship, ironically that is a book's name on Amazon. Don't take my word on this, you might a lot if you look, and if you do, please share it with me too. 


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