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Brown Paper Bags

I was unpacking last night and I came across a brown paper bag. During the post-breakup time when you decide to clean your house and get rid of everything that reminds you of your ex, a little card they gave you, or the mugs in which you shared your first coffee together, that extra toothbrush on the sink that keeps mocking you everytime you look at it, you get the picture I guess, oh! yes, pictures too! And after you are done, it might look like someone robbed you! Remember that episode when Robin makes Ted get rid of all of his old girlfriend stuff and the apartment looks so empty! I was doing the same thing about two months ago, I took a brown bag, the ones I bought my second pair of Charles and Keith home in! I have to tell you they are a gorgeous pair of black block heels, with the most divine smell that make you forget all that is wrong in life! Sorry I got distracted! So yeah I took the bag started off with the mocking toothbrush, and started putting the rest of the things i

Friends or How I met your mother?

I have always been a huge fan of Friends. I think calling myself a huge fan is an understatement. I know all the dialogues in reverse, that is how well I know friends. Those who know me well know that a friends reference is bound to come up in conversations I have. The fact that whether Ross and Rachel were on a break or when Monica broke up with Richard, had me in sobs. Recently I have been rewatching How I met your mother. I have it before several times and I always thought that it is a derivative of Friends. I found so many similarities between the two. There were episodes with the same basic concept and even the characters seemed a bit derivative. But this time, I had another realization while watching HIMYM. It is much closer to reality than Friends. Some issues are shown so well that you can relate to them so well. For instance, in Friends, Ross and Rachel date and then Joey and Rachel date and after everything ended, the three of them hang out as friends like everything is co

Let's eat fish cutlets at Bobbys

My grandfather passed away last week. It wasn't out of the blue, we knew it was coming, but that didn't make it less sad. I had been close to him as a kid. We would go there every summer and stay with my grandparents. Being born in June, I have celebrated almost half my birthday with them. But in recent years, with my studies, college and job, I somehow lost touch, didn't find time to visit him. The last time we properly spoke to each other was at my brother's wedding. He told me he was getting weak and I told him that I didn't see it and he looked just as young, gave him a hug and then rushed off to do something. I went back to my grandparent's place last week after I think a good five years. It was exactly the same, somehow the tornado in life hadn't managed to reach this quaint road in Gorakhpur where they lived. It was just as I had left it. The same sofa, with my grandfather's neatly stacked table. The clock with the little green light, the tree

It's time to go home!

Two years ago, around 4-5 days ago I moved to Bangalore. I didn't want to. But the start-up that I was interning had closed down and now my college was sending me to this company called "Zinnov Management Consulting" for my internship. I was scared. I was just out of college, not at all ready to live alone in a city, whose language I could not understand. But I packed my bags and came down. While I was looking for a house, I stayed with a couple of friends for a while. Cut to two years later, I am homeless again, bunking with the same friends, packing my bags to leave this city. Life in Bangalore has come a full circle I would say. It has been a very weird two years of my life here. It started off very chaotic. But then I eased into it. It was heartbreakingly sad at times, and couldn't be happier perfect at other. I lost some of my closest friends, made some great ones and met a lot of new people. So I made the decision to move about three weeks ago. And I was d