Brown Paper Bags

I was unpacking last night and I came across a brown paper bag. During the post-breakup time when you decide to clean your house and get rid of everything that reminds you of your ex, a little card they gave you, or the mugs in which you shared your first coffee together, that extra toothbrush on the sink that keeps mocking you everytime you look at it, you get the picture I guess, oh! yes, pictures too! And after you are done, it might look like someone robbed you!
Remember that episode when Robin makes Ted get rid of all of his old girlfriend stuff and the apartment looks so empty!

I was doing the same thing about two months ago, I took a brown bag, the ones I bought my second pair of Charles and Keith home in! I have to tell you they are a gorgeous pair of black block heels, with the most divine smell that make you forget all that is wrong in life! Sorry I got distracted! So yeah I took the bag started off with the mocking toothbrush, and started putting the rest of the things in it, my second date sweater, the stationery he stole from his office, the shot glasses, that poster on my wall and what not. I wasn't shoving things into a brown paper bag, I was shoving precious memories in it.

I don't have the heart to look at those things now, but I might in the future, so I shove them in the brown paper bag along with a tiny piece of myself and put it in the farthest corner of my closet. A place where I would rarely see it, a place where it is tucked hidden, unaware of its fate. My mind has these brown paper bags too. They seem more like trunks though. I lock things in those trunks, those memories that I once loved, the songs that I can't listen to anymore, those mental images stored in my brain and throw them in the memory dump. You'd get the reference in Inside out, it's a really cute movie.

These brown paper bags make life much easier. They give you an out. An out where you don't have to deal with certain things at that very moment. You can store things in these brown paper bags, to be sentenced on a later day, at a later time.


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