It's time to go home!

Two years ago, around 4-5 days ago I moved to Bangalore. I didn't want to. But the start-up that I was interning had closed down and now my college was sending me to this company called "Zinnov Management Consulting" for my internship. I was scared. I was just out of college, not at all ready to live alone in a city, whose language I could not understand. But I packed my bags and came down. While I was looking for a house, I stayed with a couple of friends for a while.

Cut to two years later, I am homeless again, bunking with the same friends, packing my bags to leave this city. Life in Bangalore has come a full circle I would say.
It has been a very weird two years of my life here. It started off very chaotic. But then I eased into it. It was heartbreakingly sad at times, and couldn't be happier perfect at other. I lost some of my closest friends, made some great ones and met a lot of new people.

So I made the decision to move about three weeks ago. And I was driving home with a new friend and he asked me what I would miss about Bangalore. Would it be the office where I met some of the most amazing people or the weather that never made you want to get out of bed, or was it a pub/brewery at every corner? At that point, I said meh I will just miss the weather. But now that is it almost time to go home, I will miss going to Chai Galli with my office buddies for a little office gossip, or driving off to the other end of the city in the middle of the night with the girl who knows everything just because we couldn't sleep, or learning how to drive in a zoomcar in the godforsaken Bangalore traffic and the guy who loves bikes who was teaching me would go crazy. I will miss the fact that when I book an uber, I can never understand the driver. I will miss the memories I made here. And even though I am leaving, I just don't feel like I am done with this place. Its like picture abhi baaki hai mere dost. Never know where life will take me. But for now, this is goodbye. It is time to go home.
Be good. Be awesome.
Hold on to that weather for me, will you!

(written randomly, will update it soon)


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