Friends or How I met your mother?

I have always been a huge fan of Friends. I think calling myself a huge fan is an understatement. I know all the dialogues in reverse, that is how well I know friends. Those who know me well know that a friends reference is bound to come up in conversations I have. The fact that whether Ross and Rachel were on a break or when Monica broke up with Richard, had me in sobs.
Recently I have been rewatching How I met your mother. I have it before several times and I always thought that it is a derivative of Friends. I found so many similarities between the two. There were episodes with the same basic concept and even the characters seemed a bit derivative.
But this time, I had another realization while watching HIMYM. It is much closer to reality than Friends. Some issues are shown so well that you can relate to them so well. For instance, in Friends, Ross and Rachel date and then Joey and Rachel date and after everything ended, the three of them hang out as friends like everything is cool and this is very normal. Similar situation in HIMYM, when Robin has dated both Ted and Barney, they aren't able to hang out normally as if nothing happened. Ted tells Robin that he "can't do normal". That is how things work. That is way more realistic than friends.
Also, there is a very common HIMYM poster titled "Lessons to learn from HIMYM", and if you read it and give it some thought, most of those things actually make sense. Give it a read, you might be able to relate to it a lot more than you think.

Don't get me wrong, I still love friends. I would still love to watch reruns of Friends any day. But once in a while, maybe get a bowl of hot Maggi and give HIMYM another chance, like point 6 written above.
HIMYM might have drawn a lot from Friends, its characters, and storylines, but it has added its own flavor to it. It's like a super spicy Maggi that you get. You love the original, there is nothing like it, believe me, I know. But that super spicy Maggi that you get has a little twist to it and if you give it an honest chance, you never know, you might end up liking it too.

PS: The way they ended the show sucked. I did not agree with the concept that the mother dies and Ted is still in love with Robin, when they spent a greater part of the show, telling viewers how they were very different and never meant to be. Sorry don't agree. 


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