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"30 Days of Notice Period" - #3

#3 A picture of your pet This is Pepper or Mr. Pepper if you are the more formal kind. He is my little pupper. I have had him for about a week now. I had gone away for the weekend to Shimla and came back to find him sitting on my bed fighting with the pillows. It was a gift from my brother to himself!  He is a tiny two months old German Shepherd with the sharpest teeth you've ever seen. He will bite any and everything he can reach but his chew toys. He is one smart dog, who has realized if he tilts his head and coos a little, I melt down like an ice-cream on a hot Delhi day. He will bark his tail off if you ignore him one bit. He is the cutest cuddliest little doggo ever.

"30 Days of Notice Period" - #2

# The meaning behind your blog's name My blog's name is Oblivion, for those of you who were oblivious to it! This is the textbook definition of the word Oblivion. A state where you are not aware of your surroundings. I had picked this name for my blog because most of my posts, at least the good ones are written when I am in this state. When I don't know what is going on around me and I am completely focused on my writing. At that moment it is just me and my thoughts, and everything else ceases to exist. Everything else becomes white noise. The house could be on fire and I wouldn't know. My best posts are written in that state. And hence the name Oblivion . 

"30 Days of Notice Period" - #1

#1 A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself I can write 15 things about myself, I don't know how interesting they would be. So here goes nothing I can recite Friends dialogues backward. (not literally, but you get the point) I am 24 and you can still see me chasing balloons. I just love them. I am a chemical engineer and could not tell you a single thing about thermodynamics to save my life.  I am the most compassionate person you will ever meet. Ever. My trip planning skills are better than MMT packages. I am giving them a run for their money.  Writing is my way out. My Escape.  I write when I am overwhelmed and I always feel better later.  "I found someone almost right and took a left from there!" :D (Some backstory here - So my best friend and I were talking over wine and pasta. The conversation turned to relationships and "the one". I abruptly said this line. A moment of silence. Her falling off her chair laughing.

30 days of my Notice Period

I know a lot my posts have been a bit morbid to say in the slightest.  Apologies for all the ranting, preaching and the poems! (I might not be done yet) But somehow the sun has managed to finally wake himself up from his cozy slumber and managed to throw some light my way, putting a crack in the dense clouds hovering over. Too much imagery eh? As I am writing this, I am imagining a dark mark hovering in the sky. But yeah, getting back to the tiny bit of light I have in my life. I have been giving interview after interview for this firm for about 1.5 months now, and finally, they have decided to stop throwing case studies and guesstimates my way and graciously extend me an offer! Yay! I put in my resignation yesterday and I already feel extremely free. I have to serve one month of notice period here, where I will be extremely free, hopefully. It's barely been one day and I am already bored. So I have decided to take up one of those 30-day challenges. I have picked the one below

I don't know what to say

If you ask me I don't know what to say was it, love? or we were just passing our day It's not been that long it's not been a while I have erased you from my system I can't find your file I look at the photos and try to reminisce you feel like a stranger Boy! did we create a mess! If you ask me I don't know what to say was it, love? or we were just passing our day I don't ask questions I know life's unfair I came with a warning Should've handled with care! You came to my mind a little while back when I couldn't park my car the one driving skill I lack! If you ask me I don't know what to say was it, love? or we were just passing our day

Side Hustle

Once upon a time, there was an unemployed Architect and a hyper-active consultant. The two generally enjoyed having conversations that started with how was work today and ended somewhere around two turns before a galaxy far far away. One such night, post 2am, it hit them like a bang, the big bang! They realized that most of us have started identifying ourselves with our jobs, and forgot who we truly are. We all have that wacky side to ourselves, some of us paint, some of us sing, and some of us are crazy Friends fanatics who know the dialogues backward (that’s us). We even considered naming this “Our Catering Business”! This is us showing the world we are more than our day jobs! “We are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world” Go visit us at  Side Hustle !

"Go for a walk, get a bagel!"

Being millennials I think all of us have faced some sort of a depression or a crisis in our mid-20s. This could be related to your career, love life or a quest to find who you are. I won't say most people, but quite a lot of people go through this. A point when life feels like a puzzle you can't seem to figure out. The pieces are scrambled all over the floor and you just can't solve it. If one piece fits, the other one pops out, nothing seems to be going right. You just can't seem to find an end to your problems and there isn't a moment of peace in life. Well, I had such a rare moment back in 2016. I had gotten my placement offer that day! I was talking to one of my friends and told him I had no problems in life and everything was finally good. I could take a deep breath and relax. I had a good job now, things were going great with my boyfriend (despite the long distance, that definitely goes in the achievement column), my brother was getting married in a couple