30 days of my Notice Period

I know a lot my posts have been a bit morbid to say in the slightest.  Apologies for all the ranting, preaching and the poems! (I might not be done yet)
But somehow the sun has managed to finally wake himself up from his cozy slumber and managed to throw some light my way, putting a crack in the dense clouds hovering over. Too much imagery eh?
As I am writing this, I am imagining a dark mark hovering in the sky.

But yeah, getting back to the tiny bit of light I have in my life. I have been giving interview after interview for this firm for about 1.5 months now, and finally, they have decided to stop throwing case studies and guesstimates my way and graciously extend me an offer! Yay! I put in my resignation yesterday and I already feel extremely free. I have to serve one month of notice period here, where I will be extremely free, hopefully. It's barely been one day and I am already bored. So I have decided to take up one of those 30-day challenges. I have picked the one below and will try to finish it!

I know the title is a bit corny so let's call it something else. How about "30 Days of Notice Period". This entails me clicking pictures and posting blogs, I will try to post the pictures and articles here, on my blog. There are a few points that are a bit dull, I'll replace them with something exciting. I haven't done one of these ever, so let's see how it goes.


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