"30 Days of Notice Period" - #1

#1 A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

I can write 15 things about myself, I don't know how interesting they would be. So here goes nothing
  • I can recite Friends dialogues backward. (not literally, but you get the point)
  • I am 24 and you can still see me chasing balloons. I just love them.
  • I am a chemical engineer and could not tell you a single thing about thermodynamics to save my life. 
  • I am the most compassionate person you will ever meet. Ever.
  • My trip planning skills are better than MMT packages. I am giving them a run for their money. 
  • Writing is my way out. My Escape.  I write when I am overwhelmed and I always feel better later. 
  • "I found someone almost right and took a left from there!" :D (Some backstory here - So my best friend and I were talking over wine and pasta. The conversation turned to relationships and "the one". I abruptly said this line. A moment of silence. Her falling off her chair laughing. In her defense, we had had a LOT of wine!)
This is not as easy as it seems. I am already out!
  • I watch the same shows over and over again. Same with books. 
  • I have had 9 dogs in my 24 years of age. Not all at once thought. Now, this is an interesting story. 
  • Ooh ooh! There are three things I abide by, Punctuality, Loyalty, and Integrity. Very important virtues in life. 
Hey look I got to 10! And I did not have to rack my brains at all. Not a bit. :P
  • I take notes. Of everything. Copious ones. 
  • I am a total North India! I love my bhelpuri, pollution and Shahrukh Khan!
  • I am addicted to music. I am always listening to something or the other. If it were up to me, my life would have a background score. 
This is feeling more and more like my shadi.com profile! :D :D 
  • I have this belief that there is always a good reason for everything that happens in your life. You just have to wait for the bigger picture. 
  • I love Maggi. And coffee. Maggi more.
So these are 15 "interesting" things about myself. This definitely isn't as easy as it sounds, try it for yourself. Okay, enough boring you guys. I promise the next one is going to be interesting.
Checking off number 1!

PS: Check the previous post for the list of tasks


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