"Go for a walk, get a bagel!"

Being millennials I think all of us have faced some sort of a depression or a crisis in our mid-20s. This could be related to your career, love life or a quest to find who you are. I won't say most people, but quite a lot of people go through this. A point when life feels like a puzzle you can't seem to figure out. The pieces are scrambled all over the floor and you just can't solve it. If one piece fits, the other one pops out, nothing seems to be going right. You just can't seem to find an end to your problems and there isn't a moment of peace in life.

Well, I had such a rare moment back in 2016. I had gotten my placement offer that day! I was talking to one of my friends and told him I had no problems in life and everything was finally good. I could take a deep breath and relax. I had a good job now, things were going great with my boyfriend (despite the long distance, that definitely goes in the achievement column), my brother was getting married in a couple of months, I had friends who cared about me and I liked my work. Ahh! What a great week that was!

But coming back to my original point. A lot of us are going through a depression, and are somehow just trying to make it through the day, one day at a time. Know that you are not the only one in stress, look around, there are many more. I know this doesn't help, of course, it doesn't. But you know what does. Talking to people. Not about your problems. Talk about anything, with anybody. Random things, that meme you saw the other day or how the new Zomato logo is shitty or how Indian politics is going to the dumps. Just try it. A random conversation can do a lot to lift your shitty mood.

 Like it says in HIMYM, "Go for a walk, Get a bagel". Actually, do that. Next time you are sitting at your desk not being able to stop the grr in your brain, staring at your screen, trying not to smash it. Close your laptop, go get a coffee, or go sit at someone else's desk and engage in pointless conversation. This will not solve your problems but definitely makes life easier. Don't think of this as one of those "How to cope with depression articles". Just another millennial, sharing her experiences, ranting about life, and feeling relieved by writing a blog about things. If you feel like engaging in some pointless conversation or even a meaningful one, do drop a line!


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