Side Hustle

Once upon a time, there was an unemployed Architect and a hyper-active consultant. The two generally enjoyed having conversations that started with how was work today and ended somewhere around two turns before a galaxy far far away. One such night, post 2am, it hit them like a bang, the big bang!

They realized that most of us have started identifying ourselves with our jobs, and forgot who we truly are. We all have that wacky side to ourselves, some of us paint, some of us sing, and some of us are crazy Friends fanatics who know the dialogues backward (that’s us). We even considered naming this “Our Catering Business”!

This is us showing the world we are more than our day jobs!

“We are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world”

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All time highs

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Rain! :)

Friends or How I met your mother?