"30 Days of Notice Period" - #11

#11 Another picture of you and your friends

This is a collage of a few people I consider my close friends. The black box in the middle is because I know I have missed out a few of them. This is not because I love them any less, it's just because I couldn't find any recent pictures with them. Or you know those people who are really close to you but you never got around to taking pictures with them. 

These are my people. People that are important to me, and have played a significant role in my life. This picture has people from all facets of my life. There are a few I met back in school, a major chunk I became friends with in college and some I met at work who became much more than just colleagues. 

They all have taught me something in life, and there has to something, some habit that I have picked up from each of them. These people are some of the most amazing people I have met, in their own unique way. My bond with each one of them is very different. Some are people I just like to hang out with day in and day out without getting bored in the least. Some are people who always push me to do better in life and some are the ones who have no problem listening to my shit for days on end. Each one of them is very dear to me! And I am glad to have met them!

"Jaise chai ke liye, toast hota hai
waise har ek friend zaroori hota hai!"


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