"30 Days of Notice Period" - #13

#13 A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

Aah! This is something extremely personal I believe. I know I write a lot about things going on in my life. But I never really explicitly say it (not very often though). It is usually implied. And the other thing is how do I choose who to address to! I mean there are quite a few on that list (sorry trying to joke about the whole situation). I don't want to be pointing someone out here, I mean its already being done on twitter so much, I'd rather not add to it. But what I will do is write about a few things that hurt me.

So I have been spending a lot of time with myself, learning how to be comfortable in my skin. That is something that I am not good at or rather was not. I am getting better. I was used to having people around me most of the time. So yeah, in trying to do that, I have had a lot of time to myself, and have been thinking a lot. And obviously breaking down and analyzing the entire thing bit by bit. Replaying everything in my head. It's like how people minutely study say something like a great football game. And in this process, I have been able to realize a lot of things. Things that I couldn't see clearly or could not conclude. 

You know what this could turn into a really morbid post. So I am going to stop right here. The one thing that has hurt me most recently, is just not being understood by the people who at one point I trusted more than myself. Period. 


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