"30 Days of Notice Period" - #14

#14 A picture of you and your family

This is a photo of the Pandey family from about a month ago when we were all in different cities, actually different states and in my brother's case a different country altogether. Again, I couldn't find any recent pictures so this will have to do. I know this is a weird picture, but sorry this will have to do. I will maybe update it in December when we all get together. 

We are an extremely tight bunch, the five of us. We discuss everything from bad breakups to why the Modi government isn't performing well enough. That is the best part of my family. I don't have to think twice about telling them anything. I don't have to hide anything from them and believe me that has made life much easier. There is no concept of personal space between us. We constantly interfere in each other's lives, giving advice, making fun of each other and also fighting like hell sometimes. 

My family I think is the best part about me. They make me who I am. They are the ones who boast about my successes to the world and the first ones to pull my leg! To have such open and understanding parents, who treat you like a friend more than a kid is so awesome, and I have been reminded that I am not thankful enough for it. And to have an elder brother who gives you great advice, take your side and gift you every single cool thing you own (and I mean EVERY-thing), is just the cherry on the top. And my Bhabhi, or Molu, the sister I have never had! It's like having a best friend in the family! Someone who gives me real and awesome advice about life!

The Pandeys are the coolest family you will ever come across, or as my friends like to call it, "Pandey Parivaar"!


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