"30 Days of Notice Period" - #9

#9 Something you're proud of in the last few days

 For those of you who have read one of my previous posts, Side Hustle, already know about this. It's been roughly over a month since we actively started working on it. So let me give you a little context first. Side Hustle is a project as I like to call it that I have started with one of my friends, the girl who doodles her thoughts. She is an amazing artist and the best part about her work is that it is not spectacular fruits of bowls, but it is about things that we can relate to. Things that we should know about, and things that make us think. She pours out her thoughts on the canvas and makes something awesome every time. 

One night, amidst our random conversations, I told her that she should put her work out there for the people. And that got us talking and one thing led to another and here we have Side Hustle. A project that hopes to reach out to people, help them, educate them and maybe leave them with a few cool things! The reason I am proud of this is that not only are we doing something apart from our job, but we are doing a pretty good job of it. I wouldn't say an excellent job, but we will get there. We both are getting out of our comfort zones and trying something completely different and figuring our way out. We have been very consistent and creative with our work, and people actually like it. I mean I just sit and talk, and she does most of the work! But yeah that is something that I am proud of! 


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