"30 Days of Notice Period" - The Weekend

The Weekend

I wasn't able to finish this 30 day challenge. But I really did like it, I think I am going to try another one soon. I am not going to be able to finish all the posts, so I though I'd make one post and try to cover at least a few of the topics.

#24 - 3 books on my bookshelf

  • Factfullness - Hans Rosling (Currently reading and desperately trying to finish)
  • Why am I a Hindu - Shashi Tharoor 
  • Dark Places - Gillian Flynn

#25 - What I would find in my blog

My blog isn't about anything particular. I write about things that make me think, a really great conversation, my life in general, me reminiscing, my rants sprinkled with a few poems! I mostly write when I am overwhelmed by something. That gets the typewriter in my head going. Plus now I have a real one too. Yay. If you were to browse through my blog, you might find something about integrity, friendship and love, feminism, rain, Goa, Friends (TV show), cooking, questions I am contemplating and much more. Nothing specific as I told you. Though I am trying to categorize all of my articles to make it easier to navigate. But do give it read! :)

#27 - Why are you doing the 30 day challenge?

Well as the name suggests, I am on my notice period, and pretty jobless and I have always wanted to try one of these. And honestly I needed a change in life. Not that this is  a major change, but it is something different. 

#30 - Your favorite song

Now this is tough, I have an entire list of favorite songs. Okay, I'll try to list down the top 5
  • Mai Zindagi ka saath - Mohammed Rafi
  • Choo lo - Local Train 
  • Dil Beparvah - Prateek Kuhad
  • Fernando - Abba
  • Mehram - Arijit Singh 


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