कभी आना, थोड़ी बाते करेंगे

कभी आना
थोड़ी बाते करेंगे
कुछ तुम कहना
कुछ हम भी कहेंगे

उस घर की वो दीवार 
जिसपर यादे लगाया करते थे
रोज़ सुबह खटखटा के 
दफ्तर को जाया करते थे 

कभी आना
थोड़ी बाते करेंगे

पुरानी बाते याद कर
थोड़ा मिलकर फिर हसेंगे
कभी आना
थोड़ी बाते करेंगे

PS: My first attempt at writing a poem in Hindi. I have been trying to write one for so long, I just couldn't find the words. I mean literally. As much as I would like to think, my Hindi is apparently not that great when it comes to writing. And there is something about writing poems in the language that adds the dimension of depth that I just don't feel in English. This is just the first draft. I hope to finish it soon. 


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