Drunken 1 AM stories

So sitting in my friend's room, we were talking about house parties and how much fun they are! And then we got to talking about the mess in the morning and the puking that lasts till dawn. She was telling me about the one crazy house party she had in college days. And I chimed in with my own stories. Drunken 1 AM stories.

Most of these stories are from my first year or so in college because after that we knew our capacities and drank responsibly enough to not be running randomly in the corridors, puking in the washrooms and waking up with the worst headache ever.

I remember this one time, back in my initial college years, one of our friends had recently broken up and so we decided to have a breakup party. We managed to sneak in alcohol and sat in our rooms drinking and dancing around. I wasn't drinking that night for some reason, so I was responsible for making sure the warden doesn't find out and everyone was fine. I remember that after a while, my friends had had too much alcohol and the crazy began. I remember being locked out of my own room, supporting my friend's head while she puked her guts out in the washroom, and my other friend, cleaning the mess while on the phone with someone, into the wee hours of the night. Even though that night I wasn't drinking but it was still a lot of fun.

The next story I remember was again from my first year when I was drinking with my two best friends near the smoker's lane in our campus. We had each chugged entire quarters of old monk and Smirnoff and were drunk out of our minds. I remember one of them became a tree and the other one was a door and I just couldn't stop laughing. I remember calling one of my other friends to drop me to my hostel because I was too drunk to walk and in the next moment, I remember 3 or 4 girls running towards me in full speed to take me back to my hostel safely. A lot of remembering I know!

There are a lot of stories that are coming to my mind right now. I won't bore you with all of them. But this was a nice blast from the past. It has been at least 5 years since these things happened, and now that I look back, so much has changed since. People have moved on in their lives. We all are so busy with our jobs and then studying for higher studies or exams, we often forget those times. I really miss those days. The crazy times. Drunken 1 AM stories.


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