Left-handedness to the rescue!

It's day 3 at my new job and having smiled at so many people these days, my face now hurts. I have also become very proficient in giving a concise introduction of myself, I believe the word dog has received quite a good response from people, so I tend to talk about that a lot. Lucky for me, my team is full of dog lovers. I haven't met all of them yet, but the ones I've met so far really love dogs!

So I am sitting for lunch, having recited my regular,
Me - "Hi! I am Arushi, recently joined the ITS Team. I have a pet dog...."
People - "Ohh so cute! I love dogs too" 
and you know where the conversation goes from there. We all somehow got past the topic and I returned to my "I am new here" awkward smile. Somebody notices my left-handedness, and we start talking about that. Yes! I am left-handed. I am supposed to be creative! Ha! You haven't seen me draw an apple then. I can manage to put together a decent sentence though.

So, one of the people suggests that I write a blog about it and so here I am!
Me - "Shiro, to the rescue with her left-handedness!"
People - "Errr, try holding the scissors properly first?"
About 10% of the people across the world are left-handed and this ratio has remained fairly consistent over time. The most popular theory is that because the right side of our brains is more dominant than the left, we are able to use our left hands with better ease than most. The right part of the brain is supposed to perform tasks that require some sense of creativity, empathy or imagination. And the left side is responsible for logical thinking. This is the reason whenever people come across a left-handed person, their first instinct is to label them as creative. I am not one to dispute them. I mean some of my extremely talented friends are left handed. I don't know the extent of truth in the theory, so can't really say anything.

Left-handed people are now, considered as the creative ones. The ones with imagination. But for a very long time, left-handed people were subject to a lot of discrimination. Bias against the left hand has been a part of a lot of religious texts as well, claiming the devil to be left-handed. This soon relayed into the myth that left-handed people were touched by Satan and/or were witches, and had evil in us somehow. It is only now that this stigma has been replaced by an appreciation or at least a nonchalance of sorts.

Another common myth about us folks is that we tend to be more successful or famous. Apparently, most of the team that developed the macintosh were left-handed folks.  And if you were to do a quick search for a few famous people, you would notice that quite a bit of them are left-handed. Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Jimi Hendrix, Leonardo Da Vinci, Amitabh Bachchan, Mark Zuckerburg, and the list goes on. I don't have the statistics to say prove this hypothesis, but well there seem to be an awful lot of left-handed people up there don't you think. And that too for such a small group. Makes me rethink the whole devil situation. Maybe we are touched by Satan after all!

Well, gotta get back to my witch workshop, those curse potions don't make themselves!


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