Social media needs a big red button!

Social media is getting on my nerves. I mean Social Media is really nice to stay in touch with people, get updates on their lives, share your milestones with the world, stalk your crushes, see what that ex of yours is up to, you know completely innocent stuff. But sometimes it just gets to be too much. My frustration level rises with my screen time. Now, I try to keep it to a moderate, not a minimum. But as I said, even the moderate manages to annoy me!

So a while ago, I was very immersed in the whole social media phenomenon, whatsapping my friends about my dinner plans, then snapping them on the way telling them my uber ka speed, showing them what I have ordered on insta stories, tweeting about this amazing dish I just had and ooh checking in on facebook to make sure they know I've reached. I hope you guys know this is just an exaggeration. But you get the idea, I mean always being online, always being connected. These apps have made it so easy for us to stay connected all the time through different mediums, you can chat, and tweet and post and snap and what not. They have completely percolated in our lives to the point that now waiters wait for people to take pictures of food before serving them.

I mean it is really great, especially if you have long distance friendships/relationships (makes life much easier) or you know if you are the FBI. But that is not where they end. The people developing these apps might be sitting in a room and thinking, you know what, let's fuck with these people. Let's show them, who is ignoring them, who is stalking them and from time to time send them old pictures of what they looked like 5 years ago (before you had discovered cupcakes and wine). Okay, I jumped to level 2. Let's go back a level.

Level 1 was prying on our insecurities in life and the need for validation we have. Social media has exponentially increased the need for external validation in our lives. From checking the number of likes to seeing how many views your stories have, or how many retweets you get. Our happiness is somewhat affected by the kind of response we get on these platforms. What social media does is aptly point out your flaws and what your life is missing. I mean its great and all that you had an amazing weekend in Goa, but look your school friend went to Greece and drop. Ohh that was your self-worth that just dropped.

I think people were happier when the concept of facebook likes did not exist, and the validation we sought was from within and maybe a couple of close trusted people. When you would actually sit by the ocean and look at the sunset than trying to find the best angle to capture the moment. When our best memories were saved in our heads and not on our google drives. 


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