Hate is heavy

Over the past few days, I have come to a realization. Emotions like love and hate, are as a matter of fact quite exhausting. They take up your headspace, your time, affect your work and generally speaking your life as a whole. They take a lot of effort, but of course, love makes you happy and other people nauseous and hate, on the other hand, can make you go crazy. It is a heavy thing to carry around. We all already have some of the other baggage that we carry with ourselves, imagine having to carry around hate as well.

I mean god the work! You have to crib about them on a daily basis until everyone in your vicinity knows about them and can recite your story. Then people get bored and you need more content, so you have to dig deeper and overanalyze stuff and the mandatory social media stalking. And then there are those voodoo dolls in the closet that need to be taken care of. Uff! See so much work it takes to hate people!

But on a serious note, it does take a toll on you. It's like a parasite feeding off of you. And in the end, the only person you are hurting is you yourself and nobody else. People listen to your stories and move on in life, everyone does. But you are the one stuck with that weight. This is very well explained in one of How I met your mother's episodes where the gang is talking about their pits and how we put people we hate in them. It's this long dark and dingy tunnel sort of a thing where we leave people to suffer. Everyone has these certain pit people in their lives. For someone, it's that ex who got over a little too quickly or that boss who ruins your day or that neighbor who is so loud that it ruins your sleep! But if you keep watching, at the end of the episode they all realize that the real prisoners of that pit are they themselves.

What I am trying to say is that you shouldn't have to walk around with something like this. We should forgive people, even those who haven't asked for it, and never may. Keeping it in your heart is only going to hurt yourself. And by forgiving others, you are really forgiving yourself too. Learn from your experiences, identify your mistakes, forgive others and move on. Keep the positive things in mind and send the rest to the memory dump. It might be hard and you might still feel hurt, it is okay, take your time but eventually get there. Hate is a heavy thing to carry around. 


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