The poles are shifting

I am a person who doesn't care much for routines, but there is one thing that I have stuck to since I was 15ish I think. Never sleep before 12 in the night. In school, it was to study, so fair point. And in college, sleeping at 12 would mean that you miss out on some major fun in the hostel. So over the years, I have become used to sleeping not before let's say 2am on an average. And after college. when I started working, that just stuck with me. Watching movies, chatting with friends, finishing off work or reading a book. Even though I had to get up early to go to the office the next day, I would still stay up late into the night.

In fact, at one point, I felt like the sleep police. I wouldn't let anyone sleep before the clock struck 12. I don't know, I was maybe trying to stretch our college lives a little longer. I would always say that it was a sin to sleep before 12 or something like you have 10 good years before you have a kid and you will have to get up early for the rest of your lives, so might as well stay up late while you can. I thought I would always be like this, at least for the next 10 years of my life. 

But lately, I have been wanting to get up early and get some work done. I already come to the office an hour before most people to work in the peace and quiet and I can be quite productive. With barely 3-4 people on my floor, it is the most productive time of my day. This is probably because, we have so many meetings and discussions throughout the day, that it reduces my efficiency heavily. By the time I build up momentum, someone comes knocking wanting to discuss something. So yeah this is the reason I have started coming in early. But this is not it. I caught myself thinking it would be so great if I could manage to find 2 hours of solace in the office.

I could easily get up a tad bit earlier, come to work earlier and get so much done. And of course, I wouldn't mind sleeping a bit earlier as well. I can get time to read the newspaper, maybe catch a little breakfast before I head off. 

Have you guys heard about the pole-shift? I am not aware of the entire concept but about a few lakh years ago, the poles had reversed and scientists believe that it may be about to happen again. I feel like my poles are shifting too, as I am edging closer to, ohh I don't even want to say it. I think the time to hang up my holster might be coming soon. First, it's sleeping before 12 and the next thing you know I won't be able to drink my beloved JD without a hangover! 


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