The Myth of Friends Forever

You know I have always felt that the friends you make at different stages in your life will stay with you forever. Your school friends, or the people you meet in college, your friends from your first job. Well, that is where I have reached, so can't say about things beyond that. But yeah you carry them with you wherever you go in life.

Another thing. We keep changing, always. Everyday. I wasn't the same person I was two years ago. Hell, I am not the same person I was 6 months ago. We always keep changing, our opinions, beliefs, likes dislikes. We keep evolving. Every phase in your life changes you. You meet new people, get exposed to different things and you change, as simple as that. For someone else to complement that change and grow with you in a similar manner or to even understand those changes is not an easy thing. We ourselves don't know who we are, how can a third person. I mean it is not impossible. I have friends in my life from back when all I could think about was a particular PnC problem. (one math chapter I never got the hang of).

But expecting every friend you make to carry forward with you is a bit unrealistic. I have started believing that is it okay that you leave people behind. Maybe some people are just meant to be in one particular chapter. And it is okay. They had a part to play, and maybe they are done. It is more important to enjoy the present and be with the people there with you than to reminisce about the past. Sooner or later, you will end up leaving people behind. Some go off to foreign countries across the seven seas, some are just too busy with their jobs, some get married, or you get a new job, go to a new college, and meet new people.

You know what. I have actually written about this before also, in an article called "Clear the Clutter". If you keep holding on to everything and everyone from your past, you leave very little scope for anything new. Your slots are already full. You don't leave space for anything new. And well if Barney Stinson is to be believed, new is always better! Ha! Well, all jokes aside. In my 24 years, I have met some wonderful people. And I am someone with varied interests. In fact, my uncle used to call me a sock that could fit any foot. I can get comfortable with all kinds of people. So having such a nature I have a very different or diverse if you may set of friends. Unless you have some space in your mind, phone, and life, you will miss out on a lot of experiences and people!

Another thing part two. It is okay that some people have been in your life for a brief period of time. It is better to be glad that it happened than to complain about them not being there anymore.
So in conclusion, be happy! Also, my current favorite song

Main Zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gya, main firk ko dhue mai udata chala gya!
Barbadiyo ka shok manana fizul tha, barbadiyo ka jashn manata chala gya! 


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