My Madcap Mid-work Musings!

I occasionally sit at my work desk, staring into space, deep in thought. My co-workers must be thinking I am working on a complex problem. Little do they know, more often than not I am thinking about some irrelevant to work thing and will soon be posting a blog about to bore you people with. My madcap mid-work musing. On today's episode, we are going to talk about familiarity! Nope, this isn't about "Familiarity breeds contempt"! (I could do a mean podcast!)

Why are we so resistant to change? Why do we get upset whenever there is an imbalance in our universe? We get used to things a certain way and that routine or familiarity is something we can identify and count on. It is comfortable. You have just everything right. Your job, friends, family, boyfriend, weekends, late nights, hair salon, street pups, everything. We like familiarity, for things to be a certain way. I mean for almost 12 years of our lives, we have gone and come back to school at fairly the same time. We like routine. We are comfortable here. When something starts to change, it makes us anxious because it would mean an imbalance in our world, and us stepping out of that comfort zone. That is the main problem here. This is the reason we like things just so. We are into unchartered territory, not prepared for it. Don't know what to do.

And wherever we go, we keep looking for that familiarity, trying to fit in old habits in new places. A very common example, whenever you are sitting in a car and living a different state or a country, and you see a car with a number plate of your state, you get a little excited, or at least you notice it. It's because it is a tiny bit of a connection to you, to something you've known before. Anything you have a connection to. Like last week, I found Foodhall, my favorite Bangalore grocery store right here in Gurgaon. And I got extremely excited! I ended up buying so many groceries despite a stomach infection.

I mean it is very possible you are not one of those people who are afraid of change and are on the verge of calling me an idiot and closing this tab. Familiar things give us a sense of comfort and safety in this life where everything is bound to change sooner or later. And hence the resistance! 


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