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An un-conventional thank you note!

In trying to make sense of the world, you forget to make sense of yourself. You sometimes forget who you really are. Or maybe in trying to adapt to this world, you change, unwillingly, unknowingly. You forget your essence or don't value them anymore. I know I have. I have been consciously trying to change my ways, no exactly change, but tweak them to be able to survive in the circus. I was going through old posts and photos and came across something that made me smile and then cry a little. It was a post one of my college friends had put up for me on my birthday. She had written a small poem for me, and believe me when I read it now, I think there is no better way to describe me. I mean every single word she wrote is who I am. And trust me I am not just saying that because she said nice things I genuinely mean it. Reading it, reminded me of the person I am and have been always and that I do not need to let go of myself to be able to fit in. Here is what she wrote. It is jus

It's not disney, it is instagram!

Update: Instagram has disabled viewers for stories post 24 hours now, even if they are saved as highlights. I think this is a good step on Instagram's part to limit the kind of insights they give us. Giving us insights into who is watching our story is fine, but the ranking system they had in place for the viewers of a story based on profile visits and interactions, was just not required. I don't know how many of you have seen that meme or read this quote somewhere, "Disney is what is wrong with the world". Those Disney fairytales and movies paint a picture which is far from truth and people spend their lives living with such notions. Little girls grow up watching these movies, where the princesses are always pretty and thin and petite and that is the entire depth of their character. Then comes along our handsome prince charming who overcomes an obstacle, a monster or the evil stepsisters, eventually rescuing our princess and then they sail off into the sunset for

Are repressed memories a real thing?

Has it ever happened to you that you completely blanked out on the name of a place that was a regular hangout spot for you? I am a person with an impressive memory. I remember things decently well. More than normal people do. This is an added advantage in an argument. You can go "San do hazar aath mai, baaies janvary ko tumne blah blah" Somehow Hindi gives a more dramatic effect. So yeah anyway, I am a person with a good memory. My friends always get annoyed with me because of this. Yesterday I saw a photo of a friend, in front of a restaurant and it looked familiar. And me, the memory woman, blanked out. I must've been to that place about two dozen times and can even remember what it looks like. But for the love of God, could not manage to recollect the name of that place. And when I thought about it, trivial details kept coming back to me, the long waiting lines, the dessert counter, the jug I liked and that fact that anytime you go there, you are sure to spot a BI

Value chain of a break-up (non-romantic kind)

So all day I have been working on a report on Customer Experience. I have been wracking my brain to figure out a comprehensive value chain for the same with the minimum possible overlap there can be. For those of you who are unaware of the term value chain, here is the Wikipedia definition. A value chain is a full range of activities that businesses go through to bring a product or services to the market (Now I know it really doesn't fit, but just go with it) After a really long discussion with a colleague on the same topic. I came back to my desk to do a bit of research and you know what struck me! The value chain of a breakup, not a romantic relationship breakup, but a breakup in a platonic relationship, for instance, friends. Well, the name is a work in progress. The one you see in the title is the final one. I don't know how or why. It just came to me. I turned back to the last page of my diary (good old school days!) and started scribbling. I made something in und

The Modern Family

You know I write about a lot of things. Half of them are complete rubbish. Things come to mind, I think about them, do a bit of research to get more perspective and then write about them. There is this one thing that has been at the back of my mind for quite a while now. I have been meaning to write about it, but somehow, never came around to it. Last year I experienced the power of a family, my family A family that is actually there for you. Last year, I went through a pretty tough time, much better now, thanks for asking! But yeah, what I experienced, for the lack of better words, was just amazing. We are a pretty tight family. We meet quite often, have an exhaustingly active WhatsApp group, actually make that multiple groups, we have traditions like Secret Laxmi (Indian version of Secret Santa) and what not! I mean it's not like we talk every single day, but are fairly aware of each other's lives. So, last year, crumbling pile of mess, that's me. And I saw as each a