An un-conventional thank you note!

In trying to make sense of the world, you forget to make sense of yourself. You sometimes forget who you really are. Or maybe in trying to adapt to this world, you change, unwillingly, unknowingly. You forget your essence or don't value them anymore. I know I have. I have been consciously trying to change my ways, no exactly change, but tweak them to be able to survive in the circus. I was going through old posts and photos and came across something that made me smile and then cry a little. It was a post one of my college friends had put up for me on my birthday. She had written a small poem for me, and believe me when I read it now, I think there is no better way to describe me. I mean every single word she wrote is who I am. And trust me I am not just saying that because she said nice things I genuinely mean it. Reading it, reminded me of the person I am and have been always and that I do not need to let go of myself to be able to fit in. Here is what she wrote.

It is just beautiful. I don't want to say anything more and ruin it. My favorite part is "She talks of a family outside of home and believes strongly in it". We haven't spoken in a really long time. Probably a year and a half ago. And things aren't the same that I can just drop her a message. We were very different people, but somehow had one of those connections. Ohh but I would love to! I would love to tell her how wonderful this poem is and thank her again for having written this for me and for having loved me enough to write this. Writing this blog is my way of thanking her. (she doesn't read it though) I have put this feeling out there and hopefully, in some crazy inexplicable way, it will reach her. At least I hope it does. Thanks, kh!


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