The Modern Family

You know I write about a lot of things. Half of them are complete rubbish. Things come to mind, I think about them, do a bit of research to get more perspective and then write about them. There is this one thing that has been at the back of my mind for quite a while now. I have been meaning to write about it, but somehow, never came around to it.

Last year I experienced the power of a family, my family A family that is actually there for you. Last year, I went through a pretty tough time, much better now, thanks for asking! But yeah, what I experienced, for the lack of better words, was just amazing. We are a pretty tight family. We meet quite often, have an exhaustingly active WhatsApp group, actually make that multiple groups, we have traditions like Secret Laxmi (Indian version of Secret Santa) and what not! I mean it's not like we talk every single day, but are fairly aware of each other's lives.

So, last year, crumbling pile of mess, that's me. And I saw as each and every member of my family stood up for me. Doing everything they could to help me. They would talk to me on the phone, talk about their own experiences, help me get perspective, offer their advice, comfort me and care for me so much! Remember the deathly hallows part 2, the movie? When Professor McGonagall uses the spell Piertotum Locomotor, and then you see an army of soldiers march towards the boundaries to protect Hogwarts! That is what I felt like. I have no words to describe that feeling!

Now that I think about it, I am so grateful to each one of them. All of us are so busy with our lives and have our own problems! But they all took out time for me, to help me. Speaking to me on the phone, checking up on me, giving me ideas and inspiration! They had confidence in me when I wasn't sure of myself and they helped me see that. I remember for about a full month or so I used to wake up to so many motivational messages and quotes from my sisters. It used to be an amazing start to my day! My grandmother, kept her problems aside to call and just talk to me, hear my problems. My aunt was ready to have me over for a vacation so that I could get a break from things and relax!
Honestly, what more does one need than to know that there are people who care for you! But yeah, I saw the strength of my family. It was overwhelming! We may not be political leaders or CEO of companies, and we do have our fair share of problems, but we know how to take care of each other! And I love us for that!


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