Moments that Matter: Does It Make the Cut?

I have been reading Becoming, Michelle Obama's autobiography (my first autobiography) and I must say it is a really good book! I have finished just the first part but I am thoroughly enjoying it! How she talks about her life and describes everything, so simple yet so impactful, is what has got me hooked. There are a few lines that I already love, one of them is,

"Your story is what you have, what you will always have"

Now, this was something that made me think. It got me thinking, that our stories are really all we have, our story of becoming who we are, and we must own it completely. But getting back to the point.

In the book, she talks about the time when she was going to start Princeton. She talked about everything going on in her life at that point, and how it was a big change for her. She also mentioned a boyfriend she had and that they were in love, so much so that he even came to drop her off to college. And even though they loved each other, they broke up, she called it a "geographical breakup. It was just not feasible. There are so many people who break up because of distance, despite the internet and social media, it is just not the same thing. She wrote a bit about it, it was maybe a paragraph or two, certainly not more than that. And that was it, she then moves on to describing her life at Princeton.

What struck me here is that at that point she was a teenager and starting college, going to a completely different place, with unfamiliar surroundings and new faces everywhere. And on top of that having to break up with your boyfriend, it would have been very tough for her. I mean anyone who has gone through a breakup must know how tough it really is. But all it did was occupy barely two paragraphs in her story.

We go through a lot of things in life, but what ultimately counts is what you put in, into those 300 or so pages when it comes to it. Our memory has a finite capacity, we can't remember everything that has happened in our lives, even if we wanted to. We can retain only certain things, people, events, and moments of our lives, and these are the important ones, the ones that matter, the ones that make the cut.

So my point in blabbering about all of this is that maybe, just maybe we do not take everything so seriously, because, in the end, it will just be a blimp, a tiny tiny blimp. I am not trying to minimize any suffering or pain, but just saying maybe try looking at things and gauging how important they are in your life or more importantly how important they will be in about 5 years, and you will know what I am talking about!


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