Don't freak. Don't judge.

Having overeaten at an office lunch, I was too sleepy and sluggish to actually work in the office. So I started talking to my friend, generally, what is going on in our lives, discussing our point of views on a quote I misread that morning! The quote was "Just because something works, does not mean that it can't be improved" from Black Panther. I read the opposite and thought about it and that actually made a lot of sense to me. So that is what we were talking about. In the midst of this discussion, I tell him,

"Bro, I'm going to tell you something. Don't freak. Don't judge."

And then I told him that I wanted to start going to a temple. Not to pray as such, but just to find some peace and maybe a bit of strength. Let's rewind. I am an agnostic. I need proof. I can't blindly accept the fact that this statue in front of me is God. Show it to me and I will believe it. But over the last few weeks, I am beginning to understand the appeal of it all. The idea that something superior exists, someone who watches over us, all of us and someone or something that is beyond humans. Something/someone that is neither defined by nor cares for race, caste, gender, economic status or any sort of useless boundaries we have created to divide ourselves. Someone who is better than all of us and someone who is essentially and in the purest yet simplest form possible good. 

From where I am, the world is going to the dumps. There is not an ounce of good left here. Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration. But I have seen the good in people falling faster than Bitcoin post it's bubble burst back in 2017! So for me, if the situation is so bad, I need to believe in something or someone. I need to believe that this will be fixed because otherwise, it is just too hopeless. 

In our quest to question everything, and define everything by that pesky logic of ours, we forgot to believe and have faith. Faith, now I am coming to realise is an important thing, very integral to us as humans. It needn't be in God or a messiah, but you have to have faith in someone or something. It could be your friends or family or maybe God. In my struggle to make sense of this world, I am realising how important is it for us to have faith and how strong something like that can be! But that is a conversation for another day, after another overeaten meal. For now, I just need to believe.


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