I know all the good parking spots!

When you live in a city long enough, you get to know the ins and the outs of the place. What are the best places to get some ice-cream at 2 in the night, where can you get a decent cup of coffee, which movie theatre has the best popcorn and so on. You make a little black book. I've written about this in another post of mine, I think it's called a little black book.

And when you move to a new place, you don't know anything at all, it takes time to crack these codes unless someone has done those for you already, like with Bangalore, I already knew the best places because a friend, (let's call her the one who fed us to our heart's content) for us had already been there before me for a good six months or Goa before that, where we had a hoard of seniors guiding us. I did not have the initial period where you don't really know if you're going to work or not with a city before.

This time moving to Gurgaon, a city I have come to love for many a reason, was a blank slate for me. I didn't know left from right, literally, I did not so many one ways! (bad joke, please forgive me). Honestly, one time I wanted to buy a wine of bottle and took me 45 mins to find it and I found the shop in the most unexpected place. These kinds of things. But yeah I have been trying and testing and experimenting. And having had too many a bad haircut these past 10 months,  I think I finally figured it out and I'm not just talking about finally finding the right salon. I have my version of this place, and it finally hit me today. I know all the best parking spots!

Sound weird? Yeah, so what you have to know about this place is that, though there is ample space and places to go to, parking here is a bitch! You go to Galleria or sector 29 or vyapaar kendra, you can never find a decent spot to park your car! But today as I swiftly parked into my previously scoped out spot in Galleria, it hit me! I know this place, I know just where to go for the right bhelpuri and which place to go for the freshest fruits! This place, now feels like home and you know why? Because I know all the good parking spots! 


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