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Social media has templatized our lives!

Being able to share happy moments with your friends and family makes them even happier. We all like sharing our little achievements or moments of joy. Back in the 1990s that pool was very limited, we only had word of mouth, so the reach was limited to our mahaulla. But now with the explosion of social media, it has become far easier to share things with a larger audience and there is a template to do it too. Damn, social media has templatized our lives, let that sink in. There is a template for everything. Now you don’t even have to write happy birthday, it’ll just ask you if you’d like to wish someone and present you with options and you just have to click! But yes, my point being, you join a college it goes up on social media, you get a job that too, you go for an outing and you can’t resist sharing it on Instagram and same goes for our vacations and trips. So something that began as just a na├»ve way of sharing your experiences with your close ones has now become an importan

Getting old much?

Last night I faced my worst nightmare That’s right I found my first grey hair How could I be getting that old? Though At 30 degrees I do feel cold! Whenever I see those rowdy boys I so want to complain about the noise Last night I faced my worst nightmare That’s right I found my first grey hair I can’t go to work after a night out I’m hungover, please don’t shout! Friday nights I am home by twelve I spend the weekend cleaning my shelves Last night I faced my worst nightmare That’s right I found my first grey hair

Turning Twenty-five

Birthdays are a lot of fun, if you are a kid. As an adult, birthdays become annoying. I think it is a bell curve, wherein the beginning you don’t care about your birthday because let’s face it, you are much too young. This interest or enjoyment increases with time when you are a kid and finally understand that birthday = gifts, and then comes back slumping when society thinks you are much too big to be wearing a birthday cap and blowing out candles. I am one of those people who always dread their birthdays. Somehow because you expect your birthday to be special, and as a grownup, there isn’t much special left to be done in life, ice cream cakes are not a novelty anymore and any money you get goes towards your credit card fund and not to buy a magnifying glass and playing detective. Somehow there is too much pressure on birthdays, and hence the dread. You've got to party, you have to have a good time, and in achieving that, simple things that otherwise make you happy fail to

The last man standing

It was the first week of August in 2016, I believe when I rushed to Bangalore to start my internship a full month after everyone else. It was my first time in Bangalore and I remember being intimidated by the city itself. It was very different from everything I had known. The very next day I was to start my internship at this management consulting firm called Zinnov. I knew one college senior who worked there, so it was a relief that I’d have a known face around. I enter, fill out a heap of forms, and then I am ushered to another building on the same fateful “Jyoti Nivas College road”, barely 20 steps from the main office. The words BSR arcade glare at me as I enter the office. The HR brings me to the first floor, I see about 20 people working on their laptops. I am introduced to everyone there, I barely remember anyone’s name. I am assigned a seat and I am told to wait for the manager, who is busy with a meeting. I open my laptop and wait for it to start, and in that time,