Is the fresh air getting to me?

I cry every time I leave goa.

Life is so different from what I imagined it would be back in college. I can’t stress enough on the how different part people. And not just like, how different I have become, for the better of course. Life is not bad, life is half decent, but just not what 22-year-old me thought it would be like.

Goa is my innocence, I was a naïve little kid, drinking and eating fries and having fun. Ooh and cheese garlic naan. Can’t forget cheese garlic naan. Goa and BITS, they are home. They hold so much, and they have given me so so much. I am indebted forever. People often ask me its been three years since I graduated, and I am still that excited to go back. It just a different world there, a different time, a familiar yet different feeling.

So, recently I have been exploring the mountains, going trekking, sitting by the streams, driving through them clouds, the whole thing. And I have to say, it’s wonderfully different. I have been on a couple of trips and I had a lot of fun, to the point that I began contemplating if I liked the mountains better. Was the fresh air really getting to me?

But being back in goa, I realized the mountains may be exciting and thrilling, but the beach will always have my heart. I might be moving on and exploring new things, places and opportunities, and in time the memories might fade a little, but will always be a part of me. The people, the places, the outings, the memories but not the fries. Working hard to get rid of the fries here people. They make me who I am.


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