Happy 2020!

It is 6:19 PM on a somewhat warm day which is about to turn into a windy and cold night and I sit here randomly scrolling through my twitter trying to while away time. I decided to indulge in the year-end tradition of reflecting on the past year.
So this time, I will actually be amongst the first people in the world to welcome the new year. When the clock strikes 12, I will be standing in an extremely overcrowded park, looking at the sky, which will be lit up with fireworks over the Sydney harbour bridge. Sounds exciting? Nah it's just okay. In fact, I am not even sure we will get space to stand and look at the fireworks, but nonetheless, let's try.

But this year has been about reading a lot of books, tackling new situations, pushing my boundaries, getting out of my comfort zone, learning to be better at being an adult and being proud of who I am.
Here is a list of a few things I have been proud of myself for doing this year
  • I started working out and for the first time ever lost a considerable amount of weight
  • I got back to reading again and set a goal of 12 books. And I ended up reading 22!
  • I went trekking. Not once, not twice but three times! Yes, even I am surprised! :D
I think this year was a lot about healing, taking a break and rebuilding. Let's hope to continue that this year and maybe add a little bit of growth.

Happy new year folks!


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