The blockchain of trust

I have been working in the technology space for over a year now and that has somewhat influenced my thought process and decision making. I look for logic everywhere, to the extent that I've started annoying people around me!

One fine day when I was driving back home, it hit me. Trust is how we operate. Some people are closer to us than others because we trust them more. We believe in them. That is an underlying component of every friendship and relationship. Actually, let me rephrase that, it is a quintessential ingredient, without which your recipe is going to be incomplete and your friendship bland. We all have our network of trusted friends, who are the closest people to us in this world. We would want these relationships to continue for as long as possible, and if something happens to even one of them it would be devastating.

So I am in my car, listening to Coldplay, wondering if there were a full-proof way to optimize this network and at the same time make sure that if one node doesn't function, it doesn't have that big of an impact. And then is when it struck me. Blockchain. Now I am not an expert on blockchain, I leave that to my mallu friend who is always hungry. But the whole concept of blockchain is to have multiple nodes to distribute information amongst and even if one of them goes down, the network is still alive. What if we did that with people? I know that sounds crass, but what if.
I am not proposing the exact same thing, but a model that takes inspiration from this.

I won't go into details of the model for the fear of sounding too robotic. But this way we can realistically minimize damage, increase efficiency and ensure maximum uptime. 


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