The Fight that Never Ends

Men need to understand that women aren't theirs to be ordered around or have them even define the rules of their existence. Wait, let me rephrase that, every individual needs to understand that they have no right whatsoever over any human being.

If you are a part of someone's life either by legal bounds, for the lack of a better word, or even by their own choice, it is their choice. You could be a father, a husband, a son, a boyfriend, or even a friend, and pardon me for pointing out the males here but I am just in that state of mind, it is there, and I cannot stress this enough, their choice. They let you be a part of their life, they are doing you a favor. You simply cannot think you have any stake, much less claim over any individual. All you can do is offer suggestions and helpful tips. You under no circumstances can dictate the boundaries of their life, I don't care how you are related to them. 

And to be honest, I am tired of having to explain to men that when I am talking about an issue pertaining to women or a feministic issue, it is not like I am trying to point the finger on men deliberately or it is my mission to demean an entire gender, what you need to understand is that the inequality and the refusal to do anything about is the existence of the "problems". I am not trying to force-fit anything here.
And another thing, do not say that because you weren't aware of something, you aren't at fault. Having to explain that this is a problem and is not okay, in itself is a problem. Think about it. Acknowledge it.
And the next time a woman is trying to share her perspective and or problems with you. instead of getting defensive, be grateful that she is enlightening you. 


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