Quarantine diaries

We have been rushing and running, all our lives, in a literal and a metaphorical sense. We are running every day to finish our daily activities on time literally and running to achieve our goals metaphorically. From getting up in the morning to work to the gym (where you are actually involved in the act of running) and back home for some other hobby or activity you have planned to achieve some bigger goals in life. We have always been running. That is how we have known life to be.

But about 5 weeks ago for me here in India and at varying degrees for the rest of the world, everything came to a stop. No more running. You couldn't even if you wanted to. We are plagued by the deadly coronavirus which started in China because someone ate a bat. I mean c'mon China, you're so good at oppressing women, should've tried the same with the Virus! And with globalisation and the likes of Trumps in power, we looked the other way when we should've been taking precautionary measures to control this virus. And thanks to such imbeciles in power, the world as we know it ceased existing. With the number of cases increasing exponentially, the death toll following suit, the economy crashing, well crashing is a bit of an understatement but we will get to that later and nations being destroyed, there was no option left but to put ourselves in a lockdown.

Governments across the world went into a state of lockdown to prevent further spread of the virus. Everything from coffee shops to offices was closed. We were confined to our homes and asked not to leave until further notice. Imprisoned in our own homes, well on the upside we do have the internet, but yes, still imprisoned. The first few weeks were fun, it was different and new. We didn't have to go to work, now that must be fun. But eventually, the four walls seemed to be closing in and suffocation set in.

I am completing my fifth week of the lockdown and am anticipating at least another eight more to go. I fill up my time with books, movies, books, TV shows, books and a bit of exercise to try to get through this time. It is usually okay, but at this exact moment, it is extremely frustrating. 


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