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Bengaluru days

Week four of lockdown is about to end and I have spent an extremely lazy Saturday. I am leaving for Ambala tomorrow for an indefinite amount of time or as the kid who brings chaos would say, it's only till June 17th. We're sitting here, a little high, listening to songs from all eras and then a friend plays a song that reminds me of Bangalore, a place I have spent a lot of time trying to forget.  The exact scene I have in mind is the road in front of the forum mall staring down the road to my first flat. And it's late at night, so it's mostly deserted and it is kinda dark. This is it. That is the picture in my head now.  Forum mall was this mall in front of our office and we've spent a lot of time there. I had watched countless movies there with my then work wife. Every time a new movie came, we were there, almost the first in line. It didn't matter how bad the movie or how late we'd worked in the office. We watched every movie. A trend we continued in G