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#5 List five places you want to visit

Ohh, this is going to be so easy I tell you! Making this list is all I have been doing sitting at home in the lockdown. Goa: When do I never want to go there? Goa is home. Goa is like the former lover I go to meet every year to remind myself of the simpler times, have some fun, and take a break from life. I have been going to Goa every year since my graduation to visit the campus, go to our regular hangout places, and get my feet wet. I am off on a weekend trip to Goa the first chance I get.  Tirthan: This a beautiful place, up in the mountains where I have been wanting to for a year now. As much as I love beaches, I maybe love the mountains just as much. Beaches were the old Shiro, mountains are the new Shiro. I've seen this place in pictures and it is absolutely mesmerizing. I want to go to Tirthan to be away from the city, away from my problems and be just with nature. I want to sit by the river, eat some Maggi, and read a good book. The kid who brings chaos to life has promised

#4 Write about someone who inspired you

I had been racking my brains trying to find someone who inspires me. Maybe Michelle Obama? A strong confident, independent, and empathetic woman who wasn't just the wife of the president of the United States but created an image for herself that went beyond her duties as the first lady. Nope.  Umm, maybe Jubin Mehta a writer tracking technology and the start-up landscape and teaching kids at a school in the Himalayas, where he lives. There are lots of people I look up to and admire but they don't really inspire me. You know who my inspiration is and has been for most of my existence? My brother. That's right. His ideals, principles, taste in music, views, and motivations are something that inspires me. I want to create a life for myself like the one he has created for himself.  Just a few days ago when I was bummed about being treated blatantly unfairly at work and in a fit of rage deciding to not do any work and just quit, you know what he said to me?  He said "Aru, w

#3 What are your three things that annoy you

This is a fairly easy thing to write about.  The very first thing that annoys me the most is tardiness. I hate it when people are late. I am the kind that reaches everywhere at least ten minutes in advance. I respect people's times and expect that people respect mine in return. But punctuality is a dying virtue. I don't see a lot of people actually adhering to a pre-decided time. It is not that as a race we are incapable of planning things properly, just that we take other people's time for granted. In a world where being last has become fashionable, I am still that person who sets her clock 10 minutes ahead just to make sure I am always on time.  Another thing that just gets on my nerves is double standards or people having no integrity. Saying one thing, meaning another and doing the third. This is something I just don't get at all. I am a pretty straightforward person. I call a peach as I see it. I have my own opinions and they aren't subject to the people I am a

#2 Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forget

It took me a lot of time to think of something. This was one of the first things I did in the morning. Looked at today's topic. Aah, a few things instances did come to mind, but nothing was as clear to me. A rewatching of a Bollywood movie and an hour-long bike ride later, this is what I came up with.   So I think I am 7 years old. I am playing with my bade papa who is my father's elder brother in his house in Lucknow. I don't remember what we were doing at the time, but I am assuming we were playing some silly game. That same day, I heard him remark to my parents, that "Aru bahut intelligent ladki hai" And this was something that got reinforced time and again while I was in school. It was maybe another relative, or a family friend or maybe a teacher.  But somehow this stuck. And this is how I saw myself, and I think to a certain extent still do. I am not the pretty girl, I am not the girl next door, I am not a hot and sexy girl, I am the smart girl.  The intellig

#1 List 10 things that make you really happy

#1 List 10 things that make you really happy 30 days of Quarantine Ooh. This one is a toughie. The way life has been going right now, I think it would be easier for me to list 10 things that make me sad or anxious.  I am currently living with my parents, but occasionally we go to Gurgaon (where I live) to spend a few days there. And being back in that house, my room, and my balcony with all my plants is something that makes me really happy. It is one of the few things that makes me happy in corona times. I could've been an amphibian. I love swimming. It helps me clear my head and think. It also calms me down. But thanks to the coronavirus, swimming for this year has been cancelled. So, I got myself a bicycle about four days ago. I have been going on bike rides regularly for the past three days, and I have to say it isn't as much fun as swimming, but it has its advantages. Cycling around the Cantt area in Ambala with the lush greenery, plenty of doggos, and just the right music

30 days of the Quarantine

I have been in a writing slump. There are a lot of things I want to talk about but somehow when I sit down to write my mind is completely blank. This along with the fact that we are in a pandemic and I have a lot of time, I have decided to do another 30-day writing challenge. I am hoping this would help me get back into the rhythm and get the creativity flowing. So here is this year's 30-day writing challenge. Starting today I am going to put up a post every day for the next thirty days. Here is the challenge. 

How can things not change?

Whenever a big change occurs in our lives or the lives of our closed ones, we feel uncomfortable. We anticipate a change in the as-is state of things and the uncertainty of how things will work out contribute to this feeling, which is honestly quite normal. I mean no one likes changes, okay let me change that, most people don't like change. Change threatens comfort.  When an event, that has the potential or the element of change, occurs people get busy trying to brace themselves and then the people around them who might be in the area of effect zone. And at some point or the other, the conversation turns to a point where one person ends up saying, this will not change things between us, rather proclaiming that things should not change.  While I appreciate the sentiment, this seems a bit impractical. Whenever a change is occurring in our lives, be it personal, social, or professional, things will change, things have to change and things should change. We need to accommodate the chan