#4 Write about someone who inspired you

I had been racking my brains trying to find someone who inspires me. Maybe Michelle Obama? A strong confident, independent, and empathetic woman who wasn't just the wife of the president of the United States but created an image for herself that went beyond her duties as the first lady. Nope. 
Umm, maybe Jubin Mehta a writer tracking technology and the start-up landscape and teaching kids at a school in the Himalayas, where he lives.

There are lots of people I look up to and admire but they don't really inspire me. You know who my inspiration is and has been for most of my existence? My brother. That's right.

His ideals, principles, taste in music, views, and motivations are something that inspires me. I want to create a life for myself like the one he has created for himself. 

Just a few days ago when I was bummed about being treated blatantly unfairly at work and in a fit of rage deciding to not do any work and just quit, you know what he said to me? 
He said "Aru, we do good work not for recognition or appreciation, not that that's not helpful, neither do we do it for the company or the manager or colleague we might like. We do good work for ourselves. We do so so that we can learn and grow. We do so because not doing so would be ethically wrong. If we are ready to give up the minute we don't see a reward, then our motivation, to begin with, is wrong and corrupt and needs to change. So stick around for as long as you like, but while you are here do keep giving your best for yourself "

And this shit hit me. How right he was. How he could still talk about ethicality in a world gone shallow in a world gone mean. Okay, now I have lapsed into song lyrics. But yes my brother is my inspiration for almost everything in life. He is, has been, and will always be my guiding post. 

Happy rakhi idiot! 


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