#3 What are your three things that annoy you

This is a fairly easy thing to write about. 

The very first thing that annoys me the most is tardiness. I hate it when people are late. I am the kind that reaches everywhere at least ten minutes in advance. I respect people's times and expect that people respect mine in return. But punctuality is a dying virtue. I don't see a lot of people actually adhering to a pre-decided time. It is not that as a race we are incapable of planning things properly, just that we take other people's time for granted. In a world where being last has become fashionable, I am still that person who sets her clock 10 minutes ahead just to make sure I am always on time. 

Another thing that just gets on my nerves is double standards or people having no integrity. Saying one thing, meaning another and doing the third. This is something I just don't get at all. I am a pretty straightforward person. I call a peach as I see it. I have my own opinions and they aren't subject to the people I am around and I stand up for my beliefs and opinions. That is the least you owe to yourself. I do not appreciate people who don't follow through, who say things just for the sake it of or go back on their word at minor inconveniences. 

The third thing that I find incredibly annoying is being stuck at home because of the coronavirus. I was supposed to be taking a cross country road trip across New Zealand. I was supposed to be swimming in the summer. I was supposed to be up in the mountains reading a book. I was not supposed to be stuck at home indefinitely. 

Here you go. 


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