#12 Write about five blessing in your life

This feels like a task that a therapist would give someone who is utterly pessimistic and needs to change his or her outlook on life. Nonetheless, it is never a bad idea to count your blessing, is it?

  • I am blessed to have the most understanding parents ever. Parents who let me be. Parents, you let me take my own decisions and act as supporting pillars as opposed to pushing their decisions on me. Parents who give me the space to talk about anything I would like from politics and Modi Ji to my ex-boyfriends and sex. It is a wide spectrum. They are a major reason for the confidence I have. Knowing that they are always there if I fall or take a bad decision, is such a morale booster. Parents who would do anything for their kids. I indeed am blessed to have them.
  • I am blessed to have an extremely close extended fam. Most people I know have a very formal relationship with their cousins, aunts and uncles if any at all. When it comes to my family, the Ojhas and Pandeys, we are one big family. We have a different independent relationship with each other and this has sustained marriages and now even a cute little kid, who gets so much love that she will never fall short!
  •  I am blessed to have a handful of very genuine friends in my life. People with whom I can be my weird self. People who don't force anything on me. People who understand all aspects of me, the super childish Shiro and the super-serious Pandey. People who give me the space to say no and are okay with it. People who are honest with their opinion and know that being good friends does not mean agreeing with me all the time, it means letting me know when I cross the line and keeping me honest. There is only a handful of them, but that is all I could hope for.
Okay, three is all I can think of now. Shoo. Off you go. 


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