#6 Five ways to win your heart

I am a pretty easy person to impress. It honestly doesn't take a lot. I don't look for material things, so you don't really have to plan extravagant dates for me to have a good time. Good conversation is all I need. 

  • Remembering the little things? This is a good way of winning me over. When someone remembers the small details about things I might have told them randomly and they end up remembering those things, it makes my heart smile. It goes on to say that not only was that person actually listening to you but they cared enough to remember those things. Or it might not even be something I told them, something that they just observed themselves.
  • Empathy goes a long way. When someone uses the pronoun we as in "we will figure this out", this instils a sense of belonging in me. A feeling of not being alone. A feeling that my problems are not mine alone, they are in it with me. And that they want me to help them solve their problems in life, they want me to be a part of their problems and life does the same trick. 
  • Be smart? If you can make me feel dumb or incompetent in front of you, you my friend have my full attention. I know this is a bit shallow, but I'm allowed to be a little superficial. In a world where people want fair and lovely gorapan, I am just looking for some intellect here. I like it when someone can hold their own, have interesting conversations about a lot of things, contemplate on philosophical questions and challenge my thinking. 
  • I think another sure shot way is to gel with my family and close friends. Being comfortable with them and having them like you and vice-versa is amazing. Seeing someone effortlessly (effort might be required, but dikhna nai chahiye na :P) fit in with the most important people in my life is a sure shot way to win my heart.
  • I like outcasts. If you are weird and don't conform to the non-sensical rules of the society be it the older generation or ours, you are already in my good books. I like people who have their own set of principles and are not afraid to stick to them, even when times are tough. Actually, scratch that, especially when times are tough! I like outcasts because they like myself don't capitulate to whims and fancies of the superficial world. They would rather be alone than with the wrong crowd and I respect that.
See, I told you winning me over is not that hard. You just need to be true to yourself and the world. 


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