Hey Amazon, will you be my best friend?

Why do we say being materialistic is wrong? I think in the current times, our relationship with material things is more satisfying than the ones we have with people. Things always have time for you, they are never too busy or they never get tired of your shit! I mean does Amazon get tired of your orders? Does it say Shiro no more? Or does it ever ignore your order?

Or has your book ever told you, it was tired? Or have your cigarettes refused to walk with you when you've had a bad day? No! Things are always there. So what is wrong if I choose to order a stupid post-it online if it makes me happy, or smoke an occasional cigarette to relieve some of that pressure inside my brain or play a game of Tetris to take my mind off thing.

Okay, think of this. You are stressed. You reach out to a human to talk or for support, the human says no. Now you are stressed and rejected. Wouldn't you rather just be stressed?

I think it is better to be attached to material possessions than human beings honestly. If they annoy you, you can just close the apps, shut the book or turn off that song. And when you get back to them, they don't hold a grudge. My kindle doesn't play games with me. It is just as happy. Or for that matter this blog. This is one great way for me to release stress. My blog has never disappointed or denied me. It has always been there. And my dog. But c'mon dogs are the best thing ever. Okay not digressing from the topic here.

Think about when you get that message that "Order out for delivery", does it not excite you? I mean has amazon ever said meh, not delivering your order today? No, it always comes through for you. And isn't that what being a best friend is all about?


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