I am positive. Covid positive.

This has been a busy year. Despite or because of Covid not really sure. We were home for the most part but somehow this year, a lot has changed. Between work from home, increased responsibilities at work, and the ohh so disastrous GMAT exam, life has been really packed for the most part. There were times when I would let my mind wander and think of how Covid would actually be a respite because for nearly two weeks I would have to just rest. No meetings, no planning the next day's agenda, no gym, no squash class, no living life for two days a week. 

Voila, I have tested positive for Covid-19, in the most unlikeliest of circumstances, but I would say the most probable one. I came to Goa for the wedding of two college friends, which was more of an excuse to come to Goa with my homies to spend time with them and chill (something we have been doing every year since we left behind the hallowed halls of BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus). 

So here is the timeline. We are supposed to leave on Sunday evening, after having spent one last day at the beach and the morning of Saturday, my coffee-drinking gujju friend announces that he has tested positive for Covid-19. This singular piece of information led to a slight change in the plan or as we have been joking about 

We decided to extend our stay here until we are virus-free. No, this is not a reason to celebrate. I am not "isolating" at the arambol beach. I am isolating at some shitty three-floor walk-up Airbnb with not a beach in sight. So no, it is not a fun "isolation". But whatever, I have my two weeks now. Two weeks of not having to look at calendars or meeting invitations or deliverables. I plan to spend this time with my idiots playing mono-deal, drinking boiling water, and reading as many books as I possibly can. 


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