General people appreciation post

 I cannot get to sleep, so I decided to sit in the balcony. And it is frikking cold, and there is music playing in my room, well where is there isn't. I have recently been feeling a lot of appreciation for the people in my life and wanted to pen it down. 

Two days ago I got my much awaited first-ever promotion. I was alone at home when I got the call. I was beyond elated. I called all my friends and family to share the good news and then sat in front of my laptop. Then I decided to call up a friend who didn't respond to my somewhat cryptic message "call aa gaya". I call her and give her the news and the first words out of her mouth were "saman uthao apna aur aa jao" which translates to pick up your things and come over ASAP. And that is all we want in life, someone to say that to us. I love this woman very very much. 

Umm secondly, I don't know if this happens with everyone or just me, but in the last couple of years, I have gotten really close to my cousins. We don't talk very often but try to catch-up at least once a month over brunch. We keep interacting on Twitter and sharing amaze books with each other and at times get into very deep and intense discussions. They have started to feel more like best friends for me and it just makes my smile. 

Lastly, the current group of people I like to call my people are an incredible bunch. I mean just the other day I played a game of ludo more supportive than any bra in the world. A joke in bad taste? Maybe. 

But yes, at this point of time I really like the people around me, both friends and most importantly family. 


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