Covid 19, 20, 21?

So, what has brought me back to this blog after a while? The increasing number of cases and hence a little bit of panic. I got covid myself back in November end. It was bad, but I was with friends, so we managed. Since it had been about 4 odd months, I decided to get myself tested for anti-bodies, and voila I still have them Despite this, I am anxious. There is nervousness in the air people. Let me list down the reasons for my current distress and panic

  • Reading tweets of people's brushes with covid
  • My aunt's entire family got covid recently
  • The building that I live in has 29 odd cases of covid. Of the 30 floors we have, 9 have covid patients. So literally, living with covid
  • Dad went to buy medicines, the shops were out of crocin and glucose. Extremely basic medication
  • I cannot, simply cannot live like we did last year. Holed up in our houses. The thought of having to do that again send a shiver down my spine
  • The 2,75+ lakh/ day reported cases of covid in the country. So we are easily north of 5L/ day 
  • People spreading fake news and inducing panic
Umm, I think that is it. There have to be more reasons for this, just cannot think of more. We all went through a lot last year. We lost a lot of people, faith in our governments, and somewhere along the way a little bit of ourselves. But amid the crisis we went through, I would like to think we found our humanity and our empathy back. We cared for each other a little more. 

But this is 2021, and things are just as grim. It feels like the beginning of the pandemic all over again. Things had just started to get a little better. We had barely stepped outside our homes and everything came crashing down. These are dark times people. Masks up and stay safe, please!


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