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Book review | Spare | Prince Harry

I just finished reading the admittedly cleverly titled book “Spare” last night. This is Prince Harry’s (though I am not sure how long will that title hold) memoir of his life so far. And has it been an interesting one. If you have not been living under a rock, you would have at least heard of his departure from the royal family. This is his version of that and everything else as well. I stayed up late into the wee hours a couple of night ago to finish it. This is the first memoir I have finished reading this year, and I have to admit this wasn’t like most memoirs for me. I will explain. Let's start with first things first. The book is divided into three parts. The first part talks about his childhood and his relationship with his parents and brothers, touching upon Diana. The second part is sort of like his coming of age and him dealing with his mum’s death and beyond. And the last and third part is the reason I think most people picked up this book. The third part talks about hi