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Book review | Spare : Prince Harry | Expectedly Unrelatable

Bite-sized Review: I recently finished reading Prince Harry's memoir, "Spare." I must say, the title is quite clever. The book is divided into three parts, exploring Harry's childhood, coming of age, and his life with Meghan. Unlike other memoirs I've read, I found a lack of relatability and meaningful insights. The second part provides a glimpse into the royals' life under constant scrutiny, emphasizing their detachment from the real world. While the third part doesn't bring many new revelations, it effectively conveys Harry's frustration. I would recommend this book to those intrigued by the royal family, but I'd caution against expecting an exposé or significant learning. It's more of a personal narrative from a widely known figure. Full Book Review:  I just finished reading the admittedly cleverly titled book “Spare” last night. This is Prince Harry’s (though I am not sure how long will that title hold) memoir of his life so far. And